About Me

There must be too many questions arising in the minds of my followers and review readers of this site.
Specially, who am I? In what practices and experiences I’m giving reviews?

It is a natural thing and usual questions like, How could be trusted someone, her suggestions, ideas, and advice without knowing the person?

Unquestionably, It’s a big thing to go for sure… As you all are here to know about me. It is my responsibility to not let you all be blind. I believe there must be a Trustworthy relationship between reader and writer.
So cutting this in short, here’s me with my thoughts…

I’m Emily Neeson: a Registered Dietitian, Fitness Expert, Writer, and a Lover of all things related to food!Emily Neeson
Writing about food and fitness is my passion and I took always sometime from my busy routine to satisfy myself.

I started my practice to provide people with nutritional care in a fun and approachable way. As I believe, proper nutrition, fitness, and a healthy relationship with food are vital to make you feel absolute best.
I built a foundation of nutrition and fitness tools and techniques that have transformed my own health – and which I know will transform yours, too.I discovered what works, what doesn’t, and what it means to live a truly healthy life.

Through up to date evidence-based information and goal-oriented advice, I will help you to identify the most realistic and healthiest actions and choices. By this you’ll definitely achieve the best for you.

My mission regarding this blog is to provide the right information and reviews about the healthy and fit life. These reviews will be totally based on the experiences of professionals and as well from me too.